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Uttar Pradesh: Being a fake MLA, he used to show off to IAS-IPS officers, this is how he got caught by the police

In Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr, a thug who used to bully officials by pretending to be a former MLA, was caught by the police. The Dibai police station has arrested a person who cheated the officials by calling them as a former MLA from Bilsi Vidhansabha of Budaun district. The name of the accused is Sanjay Ojha. Accused Sanjay Ojha is a resident of Jahangirabad area of Bulandshahr. Accused Sanjay Ojha used to try to cheat people anytime anywhere by calling himself a former MLA. Sanjay Ojha was calling the state’s DGP, secretary and district level officer posing as the former MLA of Bilsi. The accused used to make recommendations to the officials over the phone and tried to get people’s work done and in return used to collect money from the people. Police say that in the month of January (2022) in Dibai police station area, fake deputy commandant Bhupendra, accused of cheating people, was arrested.

Fake Deputy Commandant Bhupendra and fake MLA Sanjay Ojha together cheated dozens of unemployed youths of lakhs of rupees in the name of providing them jobs. Along with this, Sanjay Ojha had also extorted Rs 15 lakh from the fake commandant Bhupendra in the name of getting the FIR canceled. Accused Sanjay Ojha himself has told that he used to call the officers and tell himself as a former MLA from Bilsi assembly seat of Badaun district, the railway police has arrested the bluff master Sanjay Ojha and sent him to jail in judicial custody. Dibai’s CO Bhaskar Mishra said that this person Sanjay Ojha used to bully IAS-IPS officers by posing as a fake MLA. This person used to quote former Bilsi MLA RK Sharma, saying that I am speaking MLA RK Sharma. In the investigation, the police came to know that a case has been registered in the police station against the fake commandant Bhupendra. Sanjay Ojha’s name came to light in the discussion of that case.