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Congress state media in-charge told Uttarakhand government spoiled milk, gave this argument

The government of Uttarakhand is spoiled milk. It can neither be churned nor can butter be extracted from it. It is of no use except to be thrown away. The BJP government of the state has also insulted the mandate. The BJP has disrespected the hopes with which the public had entrusted it to power. Uttarakhand’s daughter Ankita was murdered last year only after this government assumed power, in all the recruitment examinations, the collusion of people associated with BJP was exposed, recently in the recruitment examination of Public Service Commission, the faces of BJP people were exposed, but the government is shameless. has been covering them since.

Inflation is skyrocketing but there is no visible intention of the government to provide relief to the people. The public distribution system has come to a standstill. MNREGA works have come to a standstill. There are no teachers in the schools. Hospitals are running without doctors. People especially in the mountains have faith in God. Drinking water crisis has arisen in many villages in March itself. Electricity is not available. Small cottage industries are getting affected. The BJP is diverting the attention of the people only by making statements. The party doing politics with the help of jumlas has made life difficult for the common people. Ankita’s soul is seeking justice but BJP is busy saving its people. People must get rid of this government now.