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Uttar Pradesh / Banda: The “robber bride” who had come to file a rape case against her husband, herself got trapped in the police’s trap.

Such a case has come to light from Banda district of Uttar Pradesh that you too will be shocked. Here a robber bride cheated and robbed 22 people. Was supposed to have an incident with the 23rd, but turned out to be a rogue in his own right. He trapped the robber bride in his trap by changing her religion and name. He allegedly raped her for two years. The matter came to light when the girl went to file a case.

The girl hails from Madhya Pradesh, had come to visit Chitrakoot

According to the information, the matter is related to Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2019, a girl from Panna district of Madhya Pradesh had come to visit Chitrakoot. Here he met a young man named Jitendra. Slowly both fell in love. After this both made relations. The girl told the police that the young man made obscene photos and videos of her while having a relationship, after which he started blackmailing her.

Married in the temple, filled the demand

The girl alleges that after raping her for a long time, he married her in the temple. Both started living together in Banda. Sometime back, the girl came to know that the person she has married is not Jitendra but Irshad alias Shakeel. Knowing this, the girl’s senses flew away. After this, the girl filed a case in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. Due to the case of Banda, the case was transferred here.

The story of both opened in the investigation

At the same time, when the police started investigating the matter, they too lost their senses. The police found that the girl who filed the rape case is herself a criminal. There are 22 cases registered against him in different police stations of Madhya Pradesh. She is accused of cheating boys in the name of marriage. The police have now started probing the matter.