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This is the world’s most expensive school, one year’s fee is more than 1 crore

As inflation is increasing, education is also becoming expensive. There are many such schools in India whose fees are so high that children from ordinary homes cannot even dream of studying in that school. Similarly, there are many such schools all over the world, where only children of a few rich families study. In these schools, so much fees is charged in 1 year, in which 3 children can complete their entire medical studies. Today in this article we will tell you about the most expensive school in the world. Along with this, we will also tell how much fees are charged here.

Which school is the most expensive school in the world

The world’s most expensive school is present in Switzerland. It is also called the most expensive school in Europe. There are many such schools in Switzerland which are listed in the list of most expensive schools in the world. The fees of these schools ranges from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore. The name of the world’s most expensive school is Institut Le Rosey. Only the children of the rich families of the world study in the school.

Such amenities are available

Here all kinds of facilities are given to these children. If you hear the fees charged here, you will be shocked. To study in this school, your child has to pay more than 1 crore 7 lakh 27 thousand annually. It is the only boarding school in Switzerland with two campuses. This school has a tennis court, shooting range, equestrian center and a magnificent concert hall built at a cost of about 4 billion.

Special attention is given to education

There is no education in this school like normal schools. Here special attention is paid to the education of children. A total of 150 teachers are appointed for 420 children in this school. There are only 10 students in each class here. The most important thing is that the teachers who teach here are also given special attention. Thirty seats are reserved in this school for the children of the teachers who teach here. Along with this, a substantial scholarship is also given to these children.