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Uttarakhand: City parikrama of Jhanda Mela will be held on March 14, route plan released, more than 25 thousand sangats will be involved

In the historic flag fair, the flag has been hoisted at Shri Guru Ram Rai Darbar Sahib. On Tuesday, the third day after the hoisting of the flag, under the leadership of Darbar Sahib’s Sajjada Gaddinshin Devendra Das Maharaj, the Nagar Parikrama will start from 7:30 am from the Darbar Sahib premises. In which more than 25 thousand companions will be included. In view of this, the police administration has come on alert mode. The traffic system should run smoothly and people should not get stuck in jam. In view of this, Dehradun Police has prepared a new plan.

City Parikrama of Jhande Ji Mela starting from Darbar Sahib Complex, via Saharanpur Chowk, Kanwali Road, SGRR Bindal, Tilak Road, Bindal Cut, Ghantaghar, Paltan Bazar, Luckhibagh, Saharanpur Chowk, Bombay Bagh, back from Samadhi Sthal to Saharanpur Chowk Darbar Sahib will go while passing by.

Divert plan in view of Nagar Parikrama program

  • After Nagar Parikrama reaches Saharanpur Chowk, there will be no traffic from Kanwali Road towards Saharanpur Chowk.
  • Traffic coming from Balliwala Chowk will be diverted towards Ballupur and GMS Road and traffic coming from Laxman Chowk towards Park Road.
  • No traffic from Saharanpur Chowk will be diverted towards Kanwali Road and Jhanda Sahib
  • Traffic will be made normal after entering Khudbuda Mohalla from Kanwali Road, the back part of Nagar Parikrama.
  • The next part of Nagar Parikrama, on reaching Bindal Rotary, the traffic coming from Ballupur, Kishannagar, Bindal will go to Ghantaghar or its destination via Bindal cut in front of Chowki via Cantt from Dilaram side.
  • The traffic going from Darshanlal to Ballupur, passing through Ghantaghar on the wrong side, coming from Bindal cut will go towards Ballupur.
  • The traffic going from Orient towards Chakrata Road will go to Ballupur via Ghantaghar on the wrong side.
  • Prabhat cut and Tagore Villa cut will be closed.
  • The procession will go from Bindal towards Ghantaghar from the wrong side.
  • After entering Paltan Bazar, the last part of Nagar Parikrama, the entire traffic will be made normal.
  • The cut at Gaughat will be opened after Nagar Parikrama starts from Darbar Sahib and before reaching Darshani Gate.
  • The traffic going from Railway Gate towards Saharanpur Road will be operated in a staggered manner at Gaughat Cut.
  • The traffic will be made normal after crossing the Gaughat cut, the last part of Nagar Parikrama.
  • Before reaching Matawala Bagh, the next part of Nagar Parikrama, all the traffic coming from Nirjanpur Mandi towards Lalpul will be diverted towards Kamla Palace. The traffic coming from Lalpul towards Matawala Bagh will be diverted towards Nirjanpur Mandi.

SSP Dilip Singh Kunwar told that the route plan of Jhandeji Parikrama has already been decided. A traffic plan has been prepared for the prescribed route plan. So that the general public does not have to face problems.