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Uttarakhand: A glimpse of the government’s commitment towards development in the Governor’s address – Mahendra Bhatt

BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt said that the ongoing Governor’s address at Gairsain is a road map of the government’s commitment and resolve for the development of the state. Bhatt said that the focus has been on all the points including the state’s economy, self-employment, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry. The present decade will be of Uttarakhand and for this, the government has put its plans on the ground, so that it can be said with certainty that the state is on the path of development and is moving forward according to the dreams of the martyrs. He said that in the cabinet meeting, the decision to give 10 percent reservation to the agitators was a big decision in favor of the agitators, while on the other hand, the increase in the funds of Mahila Mangal Dal was said to be the honor of mother power. Describing the increase in the MLA fund as a better step, he said that this will accelerate the pace of development. At the same time, special arrangements for religious places are also welcome.

Targeting the Congress, Bhatt said that it should not run away from discussion on public issues. That’s why the people send their representatives to the House and they should act responsibly. He termed the uproar by Congress MLAs during the Governor’s address as unfortunate. He said that when the MLAs will not listen, then where will the meaningful discussion come from? Congress needs to be serious about the development of the state by behaving like a responsible opposition. The seriousness of the Congress can be understood from the fact that instead of paying respect during the national anthem in the House, they were walking outside.

Bhatt said that even the political gimmicks of the Congress leaders outside the House cannot be said to be correct. Congress is not going to gain anything by this kind of show off, because its reality has come in front of the public. Bhatt said that the BJP government under the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is moving forward to include the state among the leading states of the country and Congress has to decide whether it will cooperate or play the role of a blocker.