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Madhya Pradesh / Gwalior: Unique agreement between 2 wives, husband divided for 3-3 days a week!

An interesting case has come to the fore in the family court. Even before the case reached the court, the counselor made a reconciliation between the two. The wives shared three days each of the week. Husband will be off on Sunday. He can stay wherever he wants. There will be no restriction of wives. He has been given a flat each in Gurugram so that both the wives can live together. Family court counselor Harish Dewan and his wife Babita Dewan did counseling five times to bring about reconciliation between husband and wife. Find a way between the two for reconciliation.

Actually the matter is that Ruchi (name changed) was married in 2018. Wife is a software engineer in a multinational company. He used to get huge amount as salary. Ruchi lived with her husband for two years. He had a child. In 2020, her husband left Ruchi for Gwalior, after that he did not take her along. Got married after being in a live-in relationship with a co-worker in the company. A girl child was also born to the second wife. When the husband was not taking Ruchi with him, she came to know the whole reality after reaching Gurugram. Revealed the husband’s second wife. Ruchi started having a dispute with her husband. Ruchi had come to the family court to file a case seeking maintenance for herself and her son. Counselor Harish Dewan met in the family court and he counseled the case. Explained to the wife that only five to six thousand rupees will be available for maintenance, she should try to live with her husband. After that talked to husband from mobile. The husband was told about the legal intricacies and difficulties.

This problem was told to the husband, the job can also be lost

  • Diwan said that without divorcing the first wife, the second wife cannot get legal status. The first wife can file a case under other sections including dowry harassment.
  • The first wife can also file a case in the family court. You will have to go around the police and the courts continuously. This will affect the job.
  • You will be troubled by facing the court process for a long time. medicine
  • Diwan told the middle way to keep both the wives together. The husband had two flats, in which one flat each was divided between the wives.
  • Due to the fact that the first wife is educated, there will be freedom of job as well.
  • The husband will stay with the wives for three days, he can spend one day according to his wish.