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Uttarakhand: Posters of missing Bhuvan Kapri, who defeated CM Dhami, Congress workers reached Kotwali

Posters have been put up in Khatima regarding the missing of local MLA Bhuvan Kapri. Angered by the posting of the MLA’s missing posters, the Congressmen along with the MLA’s wife and mother gheraoed the police station. Congressmen have demanded the arrest of the person who spread unrestrained words against the MLA and put up wrong posters within 24 hours.

Missing posters of Congress MLA Bhuvan Chandra Kapri

Khatima, the last 70th assembly seat of Uttarakhand, has been in discussions for the past few days. Here, the local people are burning the effigies of Khatima MLA Bhuvan Kapri, accusing him of not meeting the public and staying out of the constituency. Last night in Khatima area, the matter further heated up when the posters of Congress MLA from Khatima Bhuvan Kapri were absent from the area.

MLA Bhuvan Kapri’s mother and wife reached Kotwali

Today, along with MLA’s wife Kavita Kapri and mother, the Congressmen gheraoed Khatima Kotwali. Angry Congressmen said that the people of the Bharatiya Janata Party are continuously working to tarnish the image of the local MLA by being afraid of his popularity. Last night posters of the missing MLA were being put up in the city. On which he expressed his protest by going to the police station at night.

Demand for arrest of posters

Today all Congressmen along with MLA’s wife Kavita and her mother reached Khatima Kotwali. All the Congressmen demanded strict action against those who tarnished the image of the MLA. Also demanded the arrest of those who put up the posters within 24 hours. If this does not happen, the Congress workers also warned of agitation.