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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: Ban on passing new construction maps in Raipur Vis area, maps of new buildings will be passed only after master plan is made

In Raipur assembly constituency, there has been a ban on new construction and passing of maps till further orders. This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held at Bharadisain on Monday. Now the maps of new buildings in Raipur Vis area will be passed only after the master plan is prepared. Upcoming plans of Raipur assembly constituency were discussed. It was decided in the meeting that a separate master plan will be prepared for Raipur assembly constituency, until the master plan comes into existence, no new construction will be possible. For this, the cabinet has banned the passing of the map in the entire assembly constituency till further orders. MDDA will no longer accept any new application for the map of this area. This will be the effect of the ban. If you have bought any land in Raipur area and want to build a commercial or residential building on it, you will not be able to do so at present. MDDA will not pass any map in this area. Such people will now have to wait for the master plan. However, there is no restriction on the sale and purchase of land.

The city will get relief from the crowd, the face of Raipur will change

The way the government is working on the plan to build all the offices including the Assembly Secretariat in Raipur, the face of Raipur will change in the coming times. According to experts, on the one hand, where the VIP movement in Dehradun city will reduce, on the other hand, there will be no crowd of leaders and needy people coming from all over the state inside the city.

What will be special in the master plan

The Housing Department will now prepare a master plan in view of all facilities including sewer, drinking water, electricity in Raipur Vidhansabha. Public’s suggestions will also be taken on this master plan. Only under this master plan, construction work will be done in the area. An official told that the process has been started for this also. There is no restriction on the purchase and sale of land, buildings can be built after the master plan.

That’s why the government has banned

Actually, the state government is going to make all those offices in the outer areas to reduce the traffic pressure in the cities, due to which the situation of jam often arises. It is going to start from the capital, the government will set up secretariat and other offices in Raipur region. Similarly, the proposal to make the Vidhansabha in Raipur is already under process. According to the sources, before the construction of offices on such a large scale, it has been decided that a separate master plan will be made in Raipur Vidhansabha for proper construction. Therefore, till then it has been banned.