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Uttar Pradesh / Badaun: Troubled by not getting married, the young man sent such a photo to his relatives through a friend, the police were also surprised with his relatives… then the young man turned out to be alive

An angry young man created such a drama that the police along with his family members got upset because of not getting married in Ujhani of Badaun. The young man first went missing himself, then got the photo of his dead body delivered to his father on a friend’s mobile phone. It was said that the dead body was lying in the forest of Dahemu. When the investigation started, the young man was caught by the police on the fourth day itself. The young man who dodged the police and his family members is Ajay Kumar, son of Ashok Kumar, a resident of Dudenagar village of Kotwali area. For the last several days, he was pressurizing his father to get him married. After this, Ajay suddenly went missing on March 11 late evening. The next day, he himself recorded a voice message on his mobile, in which he was talking about the attack on himself. Ajay’s family got scared as soon as they got this message.

There was chaos in the family after seeing the photo

Expressing apprehension of untoward incident with the son, father Ashok approached the Kotwali police. The very next day at night, he took a photo showing himself dead from his mobile phone and showed it to his father through friend Anshul’s WhatsApp. After this there was chaos in Ajay’s house. The police also swung into action. Inspector-in-charge Manoj Kumar Singh said that the photo of the dead body was suspicious and investigation was started. Police caught Ajay on Monday evening. During interrogation, he told the truth. The police also confronted Ajay with his father Ashok. Ajay told the police that through a friend, he had told his father that if he had got married, he would not have had to see his son’s dead body. After the arrest, the police produced him in the SDM court on Tuesday afternoon.

The location of the mobile phone was in Delhi

The time when Ajay sent the photo of his dead body to his friend Anshul’s mobile, till the Kotwali police had started the process of tracing his location. As soon as the location was found in Delhi, the police realized that Ajay was playing himself. After this, when he came to Ujhani via Kasganj, the police caught him. Actually, Ashok’s wife had died about nine years back. His elder sister is married. Ajay had also told his father in the beginning that if not mine, then get your own second marriage.