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Uttarakhand: CM Dhami told the budget, based on the concept of PM’s mantra “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabke Prayas”, congratulated the Finance Minister

CM Dhami has said that a grand budget has been presented for the financial year 2023-24. Based on the concept of Prime Minister’s mantra, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas, this budget is a balanced, inclusive and inclusive budget. This budget is the budget to fulfill the resolution of our strong Uttarakhand @ 2025. The budget is the resolution of new Uttarakhand. In this, where special attention has been given to infrastructure, importance has also been given to agriculture, horticulture, rural development, health and tourism. Special concern has also been given to the youth in this budget. Emphasis has been laid on creating an environment for employment and self-employment. A provision of 200 crores has been made in the budget for 50 thousand polyhouses. The Apple mission is driving the Kiwi mission.

The central point of this budget is the development of Uttarakhand. The budget has been prepared keeping in mind the aim of making this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. Taking inspiration from the Union Budget, an attempt has been made to include various dimensions in this budget. The journey of development has been described around the words development, sustainable development, and inclusive development. How is development to be done, what will be the direction of development? This budget is clear on this too. A clear thinking and serious thinking is found in the budget. Our students, our players, our youth, our farmers, our artisans, people working in unorganized and organized sector, startups, industry businessmen and we all together will develop Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is emerging as a fast growing economy. There is a budget of more than 77 thousand crores. Along with this, the surplus budget of 4309 crores tells the efficiency of financial management. I have full faith that this decade will be the decade of Uttarakhand under the guidance of the Prime Minister. It is our resolve to make Joshimath stand in a new form. We have made a provision of 1000 crores in the budget. Full cooperation is also being received from the Centre. Once again I congratulate Finance Minister Prem Chand Agarwal for giving a wonderful budget.