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Uttarakhand: Dhami government presented a budget of 77,407 crores, 40 thousand crores for self-employment, Finance Minister said – youth will not do jobs but will give jobs

The Finance Minister started reading the budget at exactly 2.40 pm. Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal first wished for the festival of flowers. After this he started reading the budget in Pahari dialect. He took the pledge of a strong Uttarakhand in the budget speech. He said that the eco system is getting ready. The basic mantra given by the Chief Minister, work is going on regarding simplification, solution and neutralization. There were dialogue programs at the district level regarding the budget. Suggestions have been taken from both online and offline mediums.

Our goal is to achieve a strong Uttarakhand. We are moving towards inclusive development. Work is being done to improve health facilities. There will also be a focus on road safety. Work on air connectivity is also going on. A budget provision of more than 813 crore has been made for Samarth Shiksha Abhiyan. Rs 10 crore has been sanctioned for providing free text books to Scheduled Caste students. Incentives are planned for meritorious students. Gearing up to strengthen technical education. Efforts are being made to strengthen the infrastructure facilities in Polytectic. Degrees are being awarded to the youth under one roof. Automation and robotics, computing, animation with emphasis on artificial programs as per the demands of the industries.

Efforts to increase employment opportunities along with increasing the ranking of polytechnic institutions. Emphasis on training placement. A provision of 15 crores has been made by our government for the Khel Mahakumbh. The government has made arrangements for 30 percent reservation for women in government service.

Focus on these 7 points in the budget:

  • Emphasis is placed on investing in human capital
  • Under Inclusive Growth, taking development to the last man and providing a platform to tap new opportunities
  • Increase in health facilities
  • Promotion and protection of public property in capital expenditure
  • Seamless & Secure Connectivity
  • Technological and Modern Development
  • Balance between ecology and economy

Youth will not do jobs but will give jobs – Finance Minister

Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal said that special focus has been laid on the youth in the budget. He said that now the youth of Uttarakhand will not become a job provider but a job provider. A provision of 40 thousand crores has been made in the budget for the self-employment scheme.