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Wonder of Graphic Era’s scientist, change in human body or danger on multistory building, ‘membrane’ will warn

Dr. Wariz Panwar, a scientist of Graphic Era, who is fast becoming one of the leading educational groups of the country, has made such a wonderful invention, which will prove to be very useful for mankind. He has discovered a membrane, through which small From fatal changes to any danger coming on the Multistory Building can be warned.

In the last few years, the scientists of Graphic Era are continuously setting new records in the world of invention through new discoveries. Dr. Warij, a scientist at Graphic Era Deemed University, has succeeded in preparing such a membrane this time, which will equally warn about the dangers associated with the human body and multi-storey buildings.

Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, head of Graphic Era Group of Institutions congratulated scientist Dr. Warij Panwar for this discovery and said that this invention will prove to be very useful for mankind. Through the membrane, any type of change in the body to the strength of the buildings can be monitored very easily. The process of new discoveries will continue in the Graphic Era. Patenting of some very important inventions is in progress.

Scientist Dr. Panwar told that this special membrane has been prepared by joining carbon nano fiber and poly electrolyte with polymers. It will be as thin as human skin. By applying this on the body, micro signals will also be caught very well. With this, fluctuations in breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, pain, healthy tissue can be identified immediately.

He said that so far a membrane like human skin could not be prepared. Despite the use of various devices, it was difficult to capture very subtle signals. With this invention, leakage, strength and changes in bridges, towers and multi-storey buildings can be reported immediately. By connecting the membrane to an electronic device, the condition of the body and buildings can be monitored. PhD Student Mayank Chaturvedi helped Dr. Varij in the invention.

The Central Government has registered the patent of this invention in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University for 20 years. Dr. Warij has also discovered the technology of making membrane from sugarcane juice and Ionic Polymer Matter Nano Composite Membrane. With these, wireless and mobile charging can be done without electricity in inaccessible places. His patents are also registered in the name of Graphic Era.