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Bihar / Samastipur: After killing the sleeping husband, the wife started screaming, said – someone killed my husband and ran away, buried the dead body in the courtyard, know how the case opened?

In the district, a woman killed her husband who was sleeping in a deep sleep late on Tuesday night by hitting him on the head. After this, she dragged the dead body from the room, brought it to the courtyard and thrashed it and started making noise that someone had killed her husband. Police reached the information, arrested the accused woman and sent the body for postmortem. The incident is of Shivnathpur Ward-4 of Vibhutipur police station area. According to information, 38-year-old Rambahadur Singh of Shivnathpur village was killed by wife Lalita by attacking him on the head. Ram Bahadur was fast asleep when his wife attacked him. Wounds have been found on the right jaw and above the eye of the deceased. Along with this, marks of pressing have been found on the neck. However, the accused died due to bleeding after suffering serious head injuries.

The deceased was addicted to drugs, used to fight with his wife

It was told that due to drug addiction, Rambahadur Singh used to often fight and abuse his wife over money. Due to drug addiction, he had already sold the land and property, only the house was left. He also used to make country liquor illegally. Because of this also there used to be a dispute with his wife every day. Lalita had taken a loan from a self-help group for survival and that too was taken by Ram Bahadur.

Hit first then go out and make noise

Wife Lalita alleged that the husband took money from her and gave it to someone close. Even on Tuesday evening, he assaulted and abused his wife. Fed up, the wife killed her husband in the night. If people are to be believed, at the time of the murder, Ram Bahadur slept on the outpost in a pucca room. Late in the night, Lalita, the wife of the deceased, came out of the house and started making noise that someone had killed her husband and threw the dead body in the courtyard. Hearing the noise, the people hurriedly called the police. In this case, Police Station President Sandeep Kumar Pal said that the dead body has been taken into custody for postmortem and sent to Sadar Hospital. Police is interrogating the deceased’s wife Lalita Devi in custody.