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Uttarakhand: Disclosure in the CAG report, whose fault is it? Penalty not imposed on illegal mining reserves, loss of revenue of Rs 1.24 crore

After the budget session in Gairsain, the report of the CAG was placed on the floor of the assembly. There have been many revelations in the CAG report. The CAG presented the report of revenue collection and payment of 55 departments of the state, 32 public undertakings and 53 other institutions. In which it was found that the District Mining Officers of Bageshwar and Chamoli did not impose fine on illegal mining reserves. Due to which there has been loss of revenue of Rs 1.24 crore. The CAG has also raised many questions regarding the theft of mining in the state. CAG has found evidence of illegal mining at three places in Dehradun of the state. In Dehradun, the government’s construction agencies used 37.17 lakh metric tonnes of illegally mined material. The CAG clearly stated in its report that only government officials failed to stop illegal mining. Due to which illegal mining happened indiscriminately in the state. Due to which the state has suffered a huge loss.

Along with this, it has also been mentioned in the CAG report that the Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority has failed to recover an amount of Rs 2.69 crore as operating charges from the heli companies. Due to which the state has suffered loss of revenue. Not only this, due to the apathy of the officers and employees, 64 crores were paid twice to the Heli Company due to weak internal control. Basic records, registers and approvals were not even maintained in relation to providing helicopter services to dignitaries.

Let us inform that during the year 2019-20, Rs 982.07 crore could not be recovered in 770 cases, a total of Rs 2.57 crore could be recovered in only 83 cases. Similarly, in 2020-21, 404.64 crore could not be recovered in 531 cases. This year only Rs 1.87 crore could be recovered in 109 cases.