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Uttarakhand: CM Dhami celebrated folk festival Phooldei with children in Bharadisain

On Thursday, on the occasion of Uttarakhand’s folk festival Phooldei, children of the area showered colorful natural flowers along with traditional auspicious songs at Chief Minister’s residence in Bharadisain. While congratulating everyone on this auspicious festival, the Chief Minister said that folk festivals play an important role in identifying the culture and traditions of any state. We have to make continuous efforts towards taking forward our folk festivals and folk traditions.

The Chief Minister said that in order to keep the children connected with their folk culture and folk traditions, the folk festival Phooldei will be celebrated every year on a large scale in an institutional manner as a children’s festival. The Chief Minister said that the folk festival ‘Fuldei’ celebrated in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand highlights our culture, along with this festival is also maintaining the traditions of the mountains.

“Flower dei chamma dei, daini door bhar bhakar. That means this door should be decorated with flowers. May the house be full of happiness. May everyone be protected. May the stores of food be always full. In Uttarakhand it is celebrated as Phool Sankranti. On this day the doors of the houses are decorated with flowers. Greetings are made by saying ‘Phuldei Chamma Dei’ while doing Tilak on the threshold of the house and temple. Cabinet Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat was also present on this occasion.