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Uttarakhand: Mahara became vocal on the CAG report, surrounded the Dhami government, raised these questions on the budget

Congress state president Karan Mahara has besieged the government on various issues. Along with this, questions have also been raised on the budget for the financial year 2023-24 presented in the House. He said that in the budget, the government has done the work of throwing dust in the eyes of the public. Whereas, the government has been able to spend only 60 percent of the last budget. Not only this, citing the CAG report, he said that there is a big scam in pension. In which an amount of 7000 crores has been squandered. In this, the Congress party demands action against the concerned secretary and departmental minister.

Government failed to provide employment

Congress state president Karan Mahara said that potholes on 911 km of roads were filled in 9.5 months, but a target has been set to make 2175 km of roads pothole free in two and a half months, which is impossible. He also took a dig at the government for removing the employees kept during the Corona period. He said that the para medical staff who render their services during Corona are removed on 15 March. Which is unfair to them. He said that the BJP government has failed to provide employment.

Budget of Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana reduced, government not serious about daughters

Karan Mahara said that from the year 2001 to 2017, the state had a total debt of 35 thousand crores, but after the formation of the BJP government in the state, since 2017 till now, a debt of 70 thousand crores has been incurred. Now Uttarakhand is constantly under the burden of debt. Interest of 6 thousand 161 crore is being given on the state’s debt. He said that this time the budget of Gaura Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana has also been reduced. This shows how serious the BJP government, which gave the slogan of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, is towards the daughters.

No provision to train farmers

He said that employment is also generated by the Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, in such a situation, the government has made a provision of only Rs 10 crore in the budget to increase the facilities of Chardham, which is very less. The government has increased the budget in horticulture, but no provision has been made to train the farmers. Karan Mahara said that Uttarakhand is a state based on tourism. In such a situation, the tourism department has been given a budget of 302 crores, which is very less.

Laxm Kapruwan lashed out at the government in Vikasnagar

Pachhwadoon Working Congress District President Lakshmi Kapruwan Agarwal has described the budget as disappointing and directionless. He said that Uttarakhand is already in debt. In such a situation, youth, farmers and common man should not have any expectation from this budget. Also said that Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal has also presented a deficit budget with a lot of blank announcements. Which is a conspiracy to suppress the people of Uttarakhand under the burden of debt.