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On completion of one year, ‘PM Modi’ will take ‘class’ of MLAs of ‘Dhami Sarkar’, the organization is also busy in preparations

On March 23, the Dhami government of Uttarakhand is going to complete one year. On this occasion, Uttarakhand BJP is preparing for all its programmes. For this, a two-day training program has been prepared for the MLAs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to inaugurate this training camp for legislators. BJP national president JP Nadda will be present at its closing ceremony. The first year of BJP’s second term in Uttarakhand will be completed on March 23. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the first year of the second term of the BJP is going to be completed. On this occasion, BJP in Uttarakhand is planning to organize many programs across the state. Uttarakhand BJP Organization General Secretary Aditya Kothari gave information about these programs.

Aditya Kothari told that on the occasion of completion of 1 year of the government, the General Secretary of the district will release development booklets in every district. In every Vidhansabha too, camps will be organized by the Social Welfare Department on different dates. In which information will be given regarding all the public welfare schemes of the government. Apart from this, the government will prepare a leaflet regarding its achievements. Which BJP workers will work to reach the masses.

BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt said that preparations are being made for a two-day training camp for all the MLAs of the party with the help of the Uttarakhand government and the organization. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited for its inauguration. BJP national president JP Nadda will be present at its closing ceremony. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt said that the Center has been given two dates of 24, 25 and 26, 27. As soon as the approval is received from the center, the final draft of this program will be prepared.