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Bihar / Ara: Rats have troubled the police here, earlier they had consumed liquor! Now the alarm of the gold loan branch has been rung!

In Bihar, it seems as if the rats have outnumbered the police to 36. The rats sometimes gobble up the liquor kept in the police station and sometimes they make the police run away with their antics. The latest case is related to Ara city, the rats in Ara forced the Bhojpur police to gasp on Thursday night. The case pertains to the Manappuram Gold Loan branch located at Judge Kothi Mod under Nawada police station area. The security alarm here started ringing loudly at around 10.30 pm. Some people informed the police after hearing the sound of the siren. As soon as the information was received, the police of Nawada police station reached there. After reaching there, the police noticed that the grill was locked from outside. But the emergency siren was sounding.

After this, the police called the number mentioned on the board and informed about the sounding of the emergency siren. The person who received the phone from there told the police officers that sometimes the rats start molesting, then the siren starts ringing. On this, the police advised to get the siren fixed and heaved a sigh of relief.

Let us tell you that the Manappuram Gold Finance branch located at Judge Kothi Mod has already been sensitive. From here on December 16, 2014, criminals raided and looted about 17 kg of gold in broad daylight. The criminals of the inter-district gang had carried out this incident. About five crore gold had fallen into the hands of the criminals.

Let us tell you that after the implementation of prohibition in Bihar in 2016, the police had seized a large quantity of liquor. A year later in 2017, when the officials asked for the account of the liquor seized in the police stations, they were told that all the liquor was consumed by rats.