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Russia Nato War: We are not fighting war with Ukraine but with NATO… Former Russian President again threatened nuclear war

Former President of Russia and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia’s campaign to eliminate Nazi ideology in Ukraine will continue. Medvedev has claimed that Russia is not at war with Ukraine, but directly with NATO. Earlier, Dmitry had also warned of nuclear attack. Regarding the warrant issued by the International Court of Justice against the Russian President, he had said that trying to arrest Putin would lead the world towards a nuclear holocaust.

In an interview with Russia’s leading media institutions, he said, ‘I will say only one thing which is very clear. The Russian Federation is not waging a war with the Nazi regime in Ukraine. Our country is at war with the 36 lakh strong NATO army. They are taking part in this kind of hybrid warfare and they don’t really hide it anymore.’ Medvedev said that some Western analysts have already accepted NATO’s involvement. Russia has always described its attack as a special military operation.

Attempt to capture Crimea will lead to nuclear war

“We need to achieve all the targets that have been set for our sectors. We have to drive out all those foreigners. We need to create a sanitary zone where the use of weapons is not allowed. He said that it would be a 70-100 km demilitarized zone. According to Medvedev’s claim, there should be a buffer zone between Ukraine and Russia. Along with this, he has warned that if there is an attempt to re-capture Crimea belonging to Ukraine, all types of weapons will be used. This also includes nuclear weapons.

Russia had occupied Crimea

Crimea is located in the Black Sea. Historically it has been a part of Ukraine. However, in 2014, Russia captured it, which led to criticism of Russia around the world. Many countries imposed economic sanctions on him. According to Russia, it annexed Crimea after a referendum. At the same time, the international community declared it illegal. Russia said that this merger was necessary to protect Russian-speaking citizens in Crimea and to secure its strategic interests. Since then there has been tension between Russia and Ukraine.