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TATA’s plan B is ready if things go wrong with Bisleri, will rule the ₹ 20000 crore market with this idea

Bottled water means Bisleri. Country’s largest packaged drinking water company Bisleri kept on selling. Talks were on between Bisleri and Tata, but the deal got stuck due to valuation. Tata has also retraced its steps. The bottled water business in India is not a small one. According to the report of Market Research and Advisory Techsai Research, in the year 2021, the size of this market is 243 million dollars i.e. about Rs 20,03,89,95,000. Tata does not want to give up such a big business easily. Although it already has a presence in this market, but now it will increase its reach to the common people along with the premium category.

Tata’s frozen coin
Tata has several brand projects in the bottled water business. Tata’s popular brands are Himalayan, Tata Copper+ and Tata Gluco+. After talks with Bisleri failed, Tata has chalked out a new plan to strengthen its hold in this segment. Under this plan, Tata will now expand its bottled water business. Tata is now busy in making both its popular brands Tata Copper Plus and Himalayan bigger. The company has set up a research and development facility to expand its business in the food and beverages segment. The company has also started preparations in this direction. Tata Consumer Products has now planned to expand its packaged drinking water. Tata’s Copper Plus brand is worth Rs 400 crore. On the other hand, the Himalayan brand has grown rapidly in the last two years.

Why Tata wanted to buy Bisleri
Tata wanted to buy Bisleri. The acquisition of Bisleri would have taken the company three years ahead in this segment. Tata’s hold would have strengthened in the packaged water segment. Bisleri has a market share of 32 per cent in the Rs 20,000 crore bottled water market. The company would have strengthened its profile with the premium segment. With the help of Bisleri, Tata’s water brand would have reached the common people. Bisleri’s strong distribution would have helped it grow rapidly in this segment. But this deal got stuck in the middle.