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Uttarakhand: BJP has no role in Rahul’s membership, opposition is unnecessary, Congress is turning away from the truth, people know the reality of development – Mahendra Bhatt

BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt said that BJP has no role in the cancellation of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s membership and the decision became effective only after the court’s order which came in the form of cancellation of membership. He said that Rahul Gandhi himself is also responsible for this, as he could have apologized to the OBC community, but he did not do so out of arrogance. At the same time, the Congressmen also got shattered due to their arrogance and kept justifying Rahul’s statement.

Bhatt said that it seems that the Congress also wanted Rahul to lose his membership, because in Pawan Khera’s case it went to the Supreme Court within 15 minutes, but kept silent in Rahul’s case. He said that after the entire judicial process, the court convicted him for insulting the OBC community and now his Lok Sabha membership has ended under the constitutional process, but the Congress is directly opposing the constitutional process by doing politics. Congress has already done the exploits of crushing the constitutional institutions. The Congress has thrown the country into the fire of Emergency by refusing to accept the decision of the Allahabad High Court, which canceled the membership of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Expressing concern, he said that even today the Congress has not changed its anti-democratic tendency, that is why it is protesting against the decision and making unrestrained statements across the country.

Bhatt said that Rahul Gandhi is currently on bail in several other cases of corruption and defamation. As far as the public is concerned, it has punished the Congress in all such matters by rejecting it in all the Lok Sabha and other elections till now.

The state president said that the Congress is not able to digest the achievements of the BJP regarding development schemes in the state and is turning away from the truth by adopting a negative attitude.

Responding to the sarcasm of the Congress on the achievements of the government in one year, he said that many historical works have been done during this period. With the help of the Centre, works worth more than 1.5 lakh crore are being carried out in the state and the first target of the party and Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is to make the state a leading state.

The Congress itself, which has raised questions on copycat law and corruption, is in the circle of questions. Far from making laws, the Congress has done the work of suppressing such cases. On the other hand, everyone has seen the dominance of corruption and goondaraj at that time. The government is working seriously for every sector and every class. Employment, farmers and women are being given top priority in development and provision has been made in the budget as well.