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Uttarakhand: Now you will have to pay more money at Dehradun Lachhiwala toll

Motorists passing through Lachhiwala toll plaza of Dehradun will also have to pay higher tax. The effect of toll being expensive will not only be on the drivers but also on the passengers. This may increase fares and freight. Along with private vehicle drivers, passengers traveling by bus-taxi will also be hit by inflation. The fare of roadways buses may increase. What is the increase in toll tax? He also explains this. Car-jeep toll tax has been increased from Rs 95 to Rs 100. In this way, the toll has increased by 3 to 6 percent. According to the category of vehicles, an increase of Rs 5 to Rs 40 has been made. There has been an increase of Rs 15 in the pass of those living within 20 km radius.

There is a provision of monthly pass for the private vehicles of the people living within 20 kilometer radius of the toll plaza. In the year 2021, their monthly pass was made for Rs 275, which was increased by Rs 40 to Rs 315 in 2022. Now from April 1, it has been increased by Rs 15. After which it will be made for Rs.330. However, commercial vehicles of the district will get some relief in toll tax. Commercial vehicles registered in Dehradun district have been given relief in toll tax in certain categories. Toll tax for drivers of public vehicles, car-jeep and light commercial vehicles plying between Doon to Doiwala has not increased, but toll tax for buses and trucks has increased. Citing the order of National Highways Authority of India on behalf of Lachhiwala Toll Plaza