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Uttar Pradesh / Banda: Here the terror of the “drunk monkey”, snatches the bottle from the hand and swallows the liquor, many people were injured.

You must have read or heard the news of terror of monkeys at one time or the other. But sometimes some such incidents happen, which surprise. Till now you must have seen one or the other person creating mischief by drinking alcohol and troubling people. But today we are going to tell you such a news, which will surprise you too. Yes. A similar case has come to light from Banda in UP. Here a monkey has got such an addiction to alcohol, which has troubled people.

Monkey addicted to alcohol

In Banda, Uttar Pradesh, a monkey is so addicted to alcohol that it snatches bottles of alcohol from people and creates havoc by drinking alcohol. The video of this drunken monkey is now going viral on the social media. This viral video is said to be around Nagar Panchayat area of Matoundh police station area. According to the information received, the people of the area are troubled by the mischief of this drunken monkey. It is being told that this monkey has attacked many people till now. According to the information received, there is ruckus in the Sharabi Bandar Nagar Panchayat, police station area, bus stand area. People are troubled by its uproar and terror. People have informed the forest department and demanded to catch the monkey drinking alcohol.

Created a ruckus

According to the information received, the drunken monkey comes to people’s homes and takes away the goods. Runs to bite people on the go. He snatches the bottle of wine from his hands and drinks it himself. Seeing the mischief of the drunken monkey, now the forest department officer has also given instructions to catch this monkey.

Forest department gave instructions

On this whole issue, DFO Sanjay Aggarwal said, “In Matoundh area, information has been received about creating a product of a monkey, who also drinks alcohol. Its video has also come to notice. I have formed a team and given instructions to nab him soon. Soon he will be caught and released in the jungles.