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Arshdeep Singh broke the stump into pieces on two consecutive balls, IPL lost so many lakhs

In a thrilling encounter of IPL 2023, Punjab Kings defeated Mumbai Indians by 13 runs at the Wankhede Stadium. For the first time in the season, English player Sam Karan, the most expensive sold in the IPL auction (Rs 18.5 crore), scored a strong half-century. After a strong partnership of 92 off 50 balls with Harpreet Singh, Arshdeep Singh bowled brilliantly in the 20th over. In the match, Punjab had scored 214 runs for 8 wickets, while the Mumbai team could only manage 201 runs for 6 wickets.

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Even though the hero of the match was Sam Karan and he was adjudged man of the match, but everyone was surprised to see the kind of dreaded bowling by Arshdeep in the last over. Arshdeep broke two middle stumps in two consecutive balls. The LED stumps and bails used in IPL are very expensive. If reports are to be believed, the cost of a set of LED stumps and jingle bells is around $40,000, which is Rs 30 lakh.

These are much more expensive than a normal set of stumps, due to the LEDs and sensitivity meters in the stumps and jingle bails (the stump and bell light up at the slightest movement of the bell). LED stumps and zing bells were first used in the 2014 ICC T20 World Cup. Since then they have become common in major white-ball cricket matches.

Mumbai Indians needed 16 runs from 6 balls when Arshdeep came to bowl the last over. Arshdeep bowled the third ball right at the root which went straight and hit the middle stump. The speed of the ball can be gauged from the fact that here the stump was split into two pieces. On the very next ball, Arshdeep did the same to Nehal Wadhera. In this way, he gave two shocks in two consecutive balls and broke two stumps. Meanwhile, Arshdeep Singh completed 50 wickets in IPL. The 24-year-old fast bowler has taken 53 wickets in 44 IPL matches.