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Delhi: Fearing snakes, robbers were caught in the garb of snake charmers

Lilli police have arrested those who looted in the guise of sage snake charmers. Along with this, the police have also arrested the jeweler who bought the looted goods. While walking on this path, he used to accept money from people and then threatened them by showing snakes.

After this, he would run away with all the money of the victim

New Delhi: The Lodhi Colony Police has arrested a gang who used to commit loot in the guise of snake charmers. 4 people of this monk-serpent gang have been arrested, including Raju, a snake charmer alias Sonu, who lives in the guise of a monk, auto driver Awadhesh Yadav and Sumit, a jeweler who bought gold jewelery from them. 35 lakh ring, 3 mobiles, three lockets of God, bag and auto used in the incident have also been recovered from them.

According to the police, an incident of robbery took place on April 14 from a person living in Lodhi Colony. He told that he was going to Lodhi Garden on the morning walk. At the same time, as soon as the car stopped at the traffic signal, 2 people, who were dressed as sadhus, reached him. He asked to donate one or two rupees, but when he took out the purse, there was no less than 100 notes in it. The victim handed over the 100 note and asked to return the rest. In that the monk held the victim’s hand and started chanting some mantras. He took out the diamond ring worn in his finger. When the victim protested, he scared the snake by taking out the snake kept in the box and ran away sitting in the auto.

Immediately the victim reported the matter to the police. Inspector Rajkumar’s team started investigation in this matter under the supervision of SHO Lodhi Colony. With the help of about 300 CCTV footage, the auto was traced and then with the help of technical surveillance, the police team was able to reach the accused. Police raided Sonia Vihar and caught the auto driver. When he was interrogated, two more of his companions were caught, who had executed the incident. Then the jeweler was also caught, who had bought the looted ring. In further investigation, it was found that the monk is expert in changing his disguise. After carrying out the incident, he changes his clothes and disguises himself in the auto, so that if the police stops him further, it will not be known. Till now how many more incidents have been carried out by these people, it is being ascertained.