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Uttar Pradesh: SP angry over BJP’s video song, complains to the police! Preparing to file a defamation case? See which video was shared by BJP?

The spat between the SP and the BJP is increasing over the civic elections in UP. Video war has started on social media from both sides. Meanwhile, a song by BJP has increased the hue and cry. The lyrics of this song are, Gunde pukarte hain Akhilesh Aaiye… Apart from Azam, Mukhtar and Atiq, Gayatri Prajapati has also been featured in this song. Expressing objection to a video song made taking the name of Akhilesh Yadav, the SP has complained to the police. The SP has also made preparations to take the matter to court and file a defamation case.

SP Mahila Morcha President Juhi Singh has demanded action by tagging the UP Police in the video shared from the official Twitter handle of the BJP. At the same time, resentment has been expressed regarding this video from the official handle of the Samajwadi Party. In a tweet made from the handle of SP, it was written that from the official Twitter account of BJP, SP’s Hon. The derogatory song posted with the personal name of the National President along with the video, the court should immediately take cognizance of this evidence and take action. The SP will file a criminal defamation case against all the responsible people of the BJP in this matter.

Mahila Morcha president Juhi Singh tweeted the video of the BJP to the UP police demanding action. When there was no response to the tweet for a long time, in another tweet he asked why this silence. Wrote that by calling innumerable people who believed and knew Netaji Akhilesh ji as goons, an attempt has been made to deliberately harm the image of Akhilesh ji. The SP first opposed this video through a tweet and wrote that those who talk about social justice, Dalits, backward and minorities are considered goons by the BJP. They only consider the self-caste of the Chief Minister to be correct and call everyone else a goon. Because of this mentality, Yogi’s BJP government does injustice and discrimination with the Dalits and the underprivileged.

What is in BJP’s video

In a five-minute long video released by the BJP titled ‘Gunde Pukarte Hai Akhilesh Aaya’, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has been described as a supporter of a particular class and protected by criminals. He has been accused of lobbying for mafias like Mukhtar Ansari and Atiq. Akhilesh has been blamed for rioting and exodus of Hindus. Even Akhilesh Yadav has been blamed for the death of Secretary and Gaurav who were killed in the Muzaffarnagar riots.

Akhilesh Yadav has been directly attacked in the song. They have been projected by associating them with goons and riots. In one scene, a spout has been shown in Akhilesh’s hand and on the other hand, Atiq and Mukhtar’s indecisiveness has been shown in their rule. In this song, there is mention of Muzaffar Nagar riots and Yogi Raj also mentions about the carelessness of daughters. The SP chief has also been held responsible for appeasement and exodus of Hindus in the song.

Shivpal said Akhilesh, come, the public is calling

The sharp lyrics of the song were bound to sting the SP. Shivpal Singh Yadav himself took the lead in this matter on behalf of SP. He tweeted that the BJP today has become a symbol of the language of road-printing hooligans and a school of character assassination. The values of democracy, equality and unity are very deep in the roots of SP. Despite all the oppression and conspiracies, we will stand up. Shivpal wrote in response, Akhilesh, come, the public is calling. May the sun of prosperity and development rise…. In response, the SP also released BJP’s song in a new style through its Twitter handle. It has lyrics which have troubled the public, we will remove them.