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Uttarakhand: Chouhan accused the Congress, said – Mafias interfered during the Congress era, Dhami working on the policy of public interest

The BJP said that for the first time in the state, the liquor policy has been made keeping in mind the interests of the common people, ignoring the interests of the mafia. Reversing the allegations of former CM Harish Rawat, BJP’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that in the previous Congress government, like in other areas, there was a big interference of liquor mafia. The policy was also being prepared at the behest of the liquor mafia, so the government was also a partner with them. In the excise sting, where the mafia’s alliance with the government was exposed, everyone saw Dennis’s panic. The ministers of the government had raised questions only on the CM. Chouhan said that Congressmen, forgetting their past, are questioning a policy of public interest, which is part of their customs and policies. The Dhami government has taken necessary steps in the new policy to take its benefits to the common people. In this, three rupees have been imposed as cess, which is in the public interest. In this, one rupee is for women power, one rupee for youth welfare and sports and one rupee for cow dynasty. From this, Rs 1.5 crore will be earned every month, which they will get as a benefit. There is a need for the Congress to think that who is getting the benefit of the Rs 3 per bottle kept for the cess. Earlier all the money used to go into the pockets of the mafia.

The mafia is suffering due to the policies of the Dhami government and the Congress has always been giving protection to the mafia. Chouhan said that the government has prepared a better rehabilitation policy by managing the Joshimath disaster with understanding. The work of distribution of relief amount to the people is also going on. However, instead of standing with the victims in the hour of disaster, Congress saw it as a political opportunity and went on protest. Better rehabilitation policy has come to the ground in a short span of time. The interests of the unemployed in the state could be secured only in the Dhami government and today the copying mafia is behind bars. Government’s schemes in the direction of self-employment are being fruitful in the field of agriculture and horticulture. At the same time, cheap and cut-free electricity is being provided to the people as compared to the Congress governments. He said that the rate of increase in electricity every year is less as compared to the Congress era.