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Uttarakhand: Mourning in the state due to the death of the minister, now who will look after the transport arrangements in Chardham Yatra, and who will take care of the responsibility?

There is a wave of mourning in Uttarakhand due to the death of cabinet minister Chandan Ramdas. On the one hand, while the state government is expressing condolences on the sudden demise of the minister, on the other hand, the worry about transport arrangements in the Char Dham Yatra has also increased due to his death. In such a situation, the question is arising that who will replace Chandan Ramdas in the Dhami cabinet? Although 3 posts of cabinet ministers are already vacant in the Dhami government, but the sudden demise of cabinet minister Chandan Ramdas at the beginning of the Chardham Yatra has added to the problems of the government. Actually, Chardham Yatra has started in the state. Thursday i.e. tomorrow the doors of Lord Badrinath are also to be opened. The news of the demise of cabinet minister Chandan Ramdas in a happy and challenging environment regarding Chardham in the state is no less than a big blow for the government.

Please tell that Chandan Ram Das had the responsibility of the Social Welfare Department as well as the Transport Department. It is obvious that the Transport Department in the state is very important for the Chardham Yatra. Meanwhile, the news of the demise of the minister of the department has raised a big challenge in front of the government. Although, the late Minister Chandan Ramdas had already taken stock of the various arrangements to be made during the Chardham Yatra through all the meetings and review meetings, but the journey is still very long. During this, the government has to churn on many subjects from time to time. Therefore, after the demise of cabinet minister Chandan Ramdas, now who will take his place is a big question.

Although there is no dearth of experienced MLAs in the state, but because there are already 3 posts of cabinet ministers vacant in the state, there will be a big question in front of the government whether the government should give place to MLAs in all the ministerial posts or sandalwood. Make a senior MLA a minister instead of Ram Das.

Tell that including the Chief Minister, at present there are a total of 9 members in the cabinet. In the state cabinet, this number can be 12 including the Chief Minister. That is, the posts of three ministers are already vacant in the Dhami government. On the other hand, now after the death of minister Chandan Ramdas, the number of cabinet in the state has now reduced to 8. Therefore, it will be a bit difficult for Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to run the government with such a small number, therefore, to run the government in a better way, the MLAs can be given the responsibility as ministers soon.