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When Krushna Abhishek teased Archana, Rajeev showed her the mirror, Sunil Grover was mentioned in the gestures!

Sapna i.e. Krishna Abhishek’s entry is happening once again in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. He has also finished shooting and he is going to be seen in this weekend’s episode. Earlier two of his videos went viral, in which he was seen entering the show, where he gets a warm welcome. Now some more of his videos have surfaced, in which he is seen cracking funny jokes. He did comedy about Archana Puran Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu in Ishaaron-Ishaaron. Even comedian Sunil Grover, who was once a part of the show, was mentioned. Krishna also made a comedy about sitting at home for so many months.

It had been several months since Krushna Abhishek left The Kapil Sharma Show. He did comedy on himself in the show. He asked the rest of the comedians, ‘Itna sa bhi miss kiya mere ko? Not even called. Hearing this, Kapil runs and hugs Krishna and says, ‘I had called, you were not coming yourself’. Hearing this, Krishna says, ‘I would have come Kappu, but he had brainwashed me.’ Kapil asks who, to which Krishna replies, ‘Money.’

Archana Puran Singh teased, Rajeev Thakur showed the mirror

Apart from this, Krushna Abhishek also took a lot of fun of Archana Puran Singh jokingly. They say that ‘this season is about to come’. I have just arrived. Sidhu ji also came. Slowly all the old people are going to come back. Hearing this, Rajeev says, ‘Don’t be too happy. Older people have come, so you will also go.’

Bring back sunil grover

After watching this video, there is a demand to bring back Sunil Grover. Most of the people have commented that Dr. Gulati i.e. Sunil should also return to the show. Some people have also mentioned Ali Asgar, who made people laugh a lot by becoming ‘Dadi’.

In another video, Krishna Abhishek is seen dancing. He looks at the camera and says, ‘I have good news for you guys. Back I am. Back I am. The massage parlor is about to open.

Krishna’s entry on Salman’s song
In the second video, Krishna Abhishek’s entry on the stage is shown. When he enters on the song of Salman Khan’s film, applause starts ringing. The audience welcomes him with loud hooting. In this video, Krishna is seen sitting on the ground and rowing.