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Uttar Pradesh / Azamgarh: In whose name will the property be? Two women claim “my husband died” after man’s death

It must have often been seen in films when two sisters go through any extent to marry the same young man, there are some stories when one sister dyed her hands with the other’s blood to get a young man. The matter becomes more complicated when after the death of the young man, his two wives come to the fore. Then it becomes very difficult to decide who is the real wife. The incident of this type of story on the silver screen has also come to the fore in real life. After the death of a young man in a village in UP’s Azamgarh district, two real sisters are claiming to be wives to prove themselves as heirs. Panchayat is being held for three days regarding the matter but the decision is not being taken.

Ramjit Yadav, a resident of Bhorra village in Tehbarpur block area of Azamgarh district, was married to a woman named Kalpana Yadav. Even after many years of marriage, when Kalpana did not become pregnant, Ramjit started worrying about running his dynasty. On which, with the consent of his wife Kalpana, he also kept his younger sister Parvati as his wife. From whom there is also a son. Ramjit lived in Pune city of Maharashtra with his first wife and her sister. Ramjit died about a year and a half ago. On which Kanhaiya, younger brother of deceased Ramjit, decided to get his property named after his first wife Kalpana.

When Parvati came to know about this, she threatened to come to Bhorra village with her child. There was a dispute between the two sisters regarding the leaves. Parvati says that she has a child from Ramjeet, so the property should go to her. And Kalpana, being the first wife, is claiming the property as her own. Ramjit’s brother Kanhaiya filed a case in the High Court regarding the dispute between two real sisters. The High Court directed the district administration to settle the matter within two months. On the instructions of the High Court, a team of ADO Panchayat, two secretaries and eight village heads was formed. The team has been holding open meetings in the village for three days to settle the matter, but no decision has been taken so far.