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Uttar Pradesh / Sambhal: Quarreled with God! First he caused damage to the statue, then reached the police to confess his crime, holding his ear

A very shocking case has come to light in the district. Here a man’s idol was damaged after quarreling with God. The police reached the information and arrested the accused and took them into custody. At the same time, now the accused is regretting his mistake and is pleading with the police with folded hands. The video of the accused folding his hands in front of the police and narrating his story is going viral. Vikram Thakur reached the temple in a drunken state on Tuesday night in Ashoknagar of Baniyather police station area. Here, by toppling the idol of Lord Hanuman, he damaged it and ran away. After the video of breaking of Hanuman ji’s statue went viral on social media, the anger of the people reached the seventh sky and there was a crowd on the spot. At the same time, as soon as the information was received, the police also swung into action and after investigating the whole matter after reaching the spot, arrested the accused.

You will also be surprised to hear what the accused has told in the police interrogation. In fact, in the video made viral by the police, accused Vikram Thakur says that ‘he worships God a lot, but despite this nothing good is happening to him and sorrow is not leaving him. The wife and children have left the house. In such a situation, he drank too much alcohol and reached the temple to worship. While worshiping, he had a fight with God. After the quarrel, he dropped the idol of Hanuman ji, due to which it broke.

However, now Vikram is regretting his actions. The accused has pleaded with folded hands in front of the police that he will never touch alcohol in future. Along with this, a new statue of Hanuman ji will also be installed. Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra told that the accused Vikram has been arrested. Taking legal action against him, he has been produced in the court.