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A person alive after death! Told what did you see after death? you also know

A shocking incident is coming out from Australia, what this person has experienced here, it is going to be useful for the rest of the world as well. Australian fitness instructor Phil Jable, 57, froze to death for 28 minutes. He was declared technically dead after suffering a heart attack. He had an attack during a basketball game. Due to this he experienced that he has come out of his body and is seeing himself from above.

Phil has described himself as a ‘Miracle Man’. He said, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Phil is also a taekwondo instructor. This is Korean martial arts. It was the month of November, when he suddenly collapsed and had an attack. His son Joshua called an off duty nurse for assistance. So that CPR can be given. Phil was taken straight to the hospital. Where he remained unconscious for 3 days. His surgery was done. When his eyes opened, it was told that he was technically dead for 28 minutes. Phil said that he owes his life to basketball and his fans. Many people were present around to help him. Phil, a father of three, was released from the hospital after a week.

Now he has written in a Facebook post, ‘It all depends on your mindset. Due to which you keep moving forward. There is only one key element in my books, hard physical training. But to each his own.’ Phil said his return from the brink of death has changed his outlook on life and forced him to re-think his decision to retire from the sport. He says, ‘All the little things we worry about are not worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it.’ Phil hopes his story will inspire others. He has also advised people to learn CPR so that they can save someone’s life.