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Chhattisgarh / Bilaspur: Hugging girlfriend on moving scooty, doing stunt on road, police sent home challan of 8800

A video has surfaced in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, at around 2 pm last night, of a young man performing stunts while driving in front of a scooty. In this, the girl is sitting on the lap of the young man with her back towards the handle. This video also became fiercely viral on social media. After this, taking cognizance of this, the traffic police has taken action against the young man. The young man was driving the scooty with the girl sitting in front. During this someone made a video of him. After this this video started going viral fast. In the video, a boy and a girl are riding a scooty in front of him sitting on his lap. Not only this, the girl is sitting next to the boy without any hesitation.

Police cut challan of 8800

After this video went viral, DSP Sanjay Sahu of Bilaspur traffic immediately took cognizance of it. He immediately got the mobile number of the owner of the vehicle extracted from the number of the vehicle seen in this video and contacted him. After this he was brought to the police station within 30 minutes. He was fined Rs 8,800. At the same time, in this case, the police has taken action against Harsh Tiwari, a 19-year-old youth resident of Tikrapara. The young man apologized by holding his ear in front of the police. According to the information received from the sources, the young man and the woman were intoxicated.

A similar stunt was done in Durg as well

Let us tell you that a similar video was also seen a few days ago in Bhilai in Durg district of Chhattisgarh, where a young man was riding a motorcycle with a girl sitting on his lap. After this video went viral, the Durg police took action against the young man and the woman and apologized to them by taking them to the same place.