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Madhya Pradesh / Raisen: Wearing his clothes, seeing someone’s dead body, wanted to grab the insurance amount, but 2 fingers exposed

A dead body of a person was found four days back in Silvani area of Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. The face of the corpse was badly disfigured. It was not being recognized whose dead body it was. The police is informed. When the investigation starts, a phone number is found in the pocket of that dead body. When the police calls that number, a woman picks up the phone. She tells that her husband has gone out for some work for two days. The police would call the woman and other members of her family to identify the body. The woman and her mother-in-law started crying bitterly after seeing the dead body. They identify the dead body as that of Kallu.

The fingers of the corpse exposed the murder

Meanwhile, the dead body is sent for postmortem and after postmortem the dead body is given to the family members. The police are shocked when the post mortem report comes the next day. In the report, the dead body is found to be of a 25-year-old boy, while Kallu’s age was written as 34 years in the Aadhaar card. The head of the police is shaking. Immediately the police reach Kallu’s village where preparations for his funeral were going on. The villagers also tell the police that this dead body cannot be of Kallu because two toes of Kallu’s feet were stuck while the fingers of this dead body are separate. Immediately orders are given to remove the corpse from the pyre.

After killing a friend, put him in his own clothes

Kallu’s family members are taken aback. When the police arrests the family members on the basis of suspicion and inquires, then a very bitter reality comes to the fore. Actually Kallu was not only dead, but the dead body which was in front was of Kallu’s friend Salman. It was Kallu who killed Salman. Kallu called a person named Salman to his house on the pretext of a job and then killed him. Dressed the dead body in his clothes and deliberately put his phone number in his pocket.

Friend’s life taken for insurance money

Kallu had a bank loan of lakhs of rupees. He had also got an insurance of 25 lakhs done. His plan was that if he proved himself dead, his wife would get the insurance money and his loan would also be forgiven. He hatched this conspiracy just to fulfill this planning. Police has arrested this vicious criminal.