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Ukraine accuses Russia of breaking dam in Kherson, flood warning issued in surrounding areas

Ukraine on Tuesday accused Russian soldiers of attacking and blowing up a dam. Ukraine said Russian troops blew up a large dam in southern Ukraine. After the dam broke, Ukraine advised residents around the Dnipro River to evacuate and issued flood warnings downstream.

Flood warning issued after dam break

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has asked residents of 10 villages on the right bank of the river and parts of the city of Kherson to evacuate the area with essential documents and pets.

Ukraine accused Russian soldiers

In view of the possibility of flood, Ukraine has warned the residents of this place to do this as soon as possible. The head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Alexander Prokudin, said Tuesday morning that the Russian military had committed another act of terror. He also warned that the water would reach “critical levels” within five hours.

After the collapse of this dam, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has called an emergency meeting.

Zelensky predicted last year

Explain that Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of attacking each other to break the dam. At the same time, in October last year, Zelensky predicted that Russia would destroy this dam, which would cause floods.