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NASA’s Perseverance Rover finds evidence of deep water on Mars! Once upon a time huge stones were shed!

The space agency NASA is constantly searching in the Mars mission whether there would ever have been water here! This campaign of NASA is going on and the agency is continuously engaged in gathering information about this planet. It is said that where there can be water, there can be life. NASA’s Perseverance Rover continues to explore the surface of Mars. Now a place has been found here where traces like flowing water can be seen. Not only this, it must have carried heavy stones, it is said! So was there ever a river flowing on Mars?

Space Agency NASA’s Perseverance Rover has seen such a place on Mars’s Jezero Crater, which looks like a huge amount of water will be flowing here. NASA has given this information on its social media handle. The rover has found a boulder field here, ie a place that is full of angular stones. Looking at the shape and texture of these stones, it seems that they have been brought by flowing water. They look just like the stones gathered in the path of a river on earth.

NASA has written about it, ‘These stones have been carried by water, this water must have been either very deep or it must have been very fast flowing.’ By looking at the photo shared by NASA, it can be guessed how the rover is exploring here. Its tire marks can be clearly seen here. Rover has 6 wheels. All the wheels are of 20 inch size. By comparing the marks of these wheels, it can be estimated that how many heavy stones have been washed away by the water here.

Earlier, NASA’s Curiosity Rover had also found a place on Mars where it was expected to have a water lake. These traces were found in a special region of Mars known as the Sulphate Bearing Unit. Earlier researchers were assuming that the rocks formed here are shrinking. Because wave-shaped marks were found on them. But after the new discovery, scientists say that it may be a sign of some ancient source of water. Overall, based on the evidence found so far, it can be said that there must have been a large amount of water on Mars. Because dry lakes, waterfalls and even traces of waves have been discovered here.