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Along with eyes, ear infection is increasing in the country

These days, the era of infectious diseases is going on in the country. Along with eyes, people are very troubled by ear infection. Patients troubled by the problem of ear infection are visiting more and more hospitals these days.

Due to the high humidity and moist environment of monsoon, the risk of fungal infection is increasing. The condition of ear infection is very uncomfortable. Doctors say that the problem of this type of infection is quite common during monsoon. However, in severe cases, the ability to hear can be affected.

Infection occurs due to these reasons
Doctors say that this ear infection can be of both bacterial or fungal type. It affects any part of the ear. Along with this, other causes of infection can also be cold or flu and allergies. These conditions can cause congestion and swelling in the throat as well as part of the nose and middle ear. When fluid starts to accumulate in the ear, it also causes an ear infection.

Symptoms of an infected ear
The most common symptoms of an infected ear are severe ear pain, fever with ear discharge, and a severe headache. Some people may also have problems with hearing loss and dizziness due to the condition of the infection. So always keep your ears dry. And after bathing or swimming, dry the ears properly when they get wet.