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If you get eye flu then try 5 home remedies, you will get instant relief!

The epidemic of conjunctivitis is spreading more these days during the rainy season. In this the eyes become red. And the mud gets stuck in the eyes.

Not only this, the germs of this disease surround you for about 7 days. During conjunctivitis, the patient repeatedly feels something stinging like sand in the eyes and does not feel relaxed. Let’s find out, here are specially presented for you 5 home remedies for the prevention of Eye Flu i.e. Conjunctivitis disease-

How to take care of eyes in conjunctivitis, read 5 home tips:

  1. In case of infection of conjunctivitis, sleeping at night by applying antibiotic drops or ointment on the advice of the doctor, removes the problem of sticking of eyelids.
  2. You can also use Tulsi, which is rich in many medicinal properties, to cure conjunctivitis. Due to the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of basil, if you soak some basil leaves in water overnight and wash your eyes with this water in the morning, it can help in curing eye disease.
  3. Rose water can be used in the eyes to get relief from eye flu or conjunctivitis.
  4. If you are troubled by the irritation of conjunctivitis, then fomenting the eyes with ice provides relief. You can foment the eyes by wrapping an ice cube in a handkerchief instead of just keeping the ice on the eye.
  5. If the patient cleans the corners of his eyes by soaking cotton swabs in lukewarm water, then it gives relief to the eyelids and they will not stick together.

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