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Attention Momos are slow poison for life, avoid eating them, doctor told 5 surprising things

Nowadays the market of fast food is flourishing. It has become a favorite from kids to elders. Most of the things in fast food are made of white flour, which directly harms the health. Although all fast foods are favorite of people, but momos are at the top. In fact, nowadays you will see silver streamers running on gas in every street and market. There will also be a huge crowd of youth and teenagers around it. Most of these people must be aware of its disadvantages, but have remained careless even after this. According to a post shared on Twitter by Dr. Vikas Kumar, neuro and spine surgeon of Ranchi RIMS, momos are enough to ruin your life. They work to make a person hollow from inside. Let’s know the 5 big things told by the doctor.


How harmful are your favorite momos?

Bad for intestines

Most of the teenagers, youth and women reach the shops to taste momos in the evening. But it is wrong to do so, because momos made of white flour can harm your health. Let us tell you that the flour from which momos are made is a product of wheat only. But protein and fiber have been taken out of it and later only dead starch remains. This protein-free flour goes into the body and absorbs the bones. If the flour is not digested properly many times, it can stick in the intestines and block the intestines.

Kidney damage

Momos is enough to treat many types of diseases. Due to their consumption, a person can get trapped in the clutches of many such diseases, from which it is very difficult to get rid of. Actually, the flour from which momos are made is polished with chemicals. This chemical is called Benzoyl Peroxide. This chemical bleacher is the same, which is used to clean the face. In such a situation, this bleach goes into our body and damages the kidneys and pancreas. Apart from this, this flour also promotes the risk of diabetes.

Risk of bleeding

Red chili chutney is also served with momos made of protein-free white flour. Actually, this chutney can prove to be harmful for health. Let us tell you that by eating such spicy chutney, you can buy problems like piles and gastritis. Apart from this, this chutney also increases the risk of bleeding in the stomach and intestines. In such a situation, it is important to avoid eating things made of white flour.

Weight gain

Momos made of white flour are as tasty as they are harmful. By consuming them in excess, you can come in the grip of many diseases. Let us tell you that some momos sellers also use chemicals to increase the test. This chemical is called monosodium glutamate. This chemical works to enhance the taste and aroma of momos. Eating such chemical flour can lead to many problems like obesity, brain and liver problems, chest pain, heart rate, and increase in BP.

Risk of infection

The taste of your tongue can have a wrong effect on your health. Actually, momos can work to slow down the process of infection and new blood formation in children. Apart from this, non-veg momos are also made at some places. Most of the meat of dead animals is mixed in these momos or it becomes harmful if kept for a long time. In this situation, you may increase the risk of infection.