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Bihar: Urine bag was not found for the patient, so he put a cold drink bottle, who did this feat?

The Bihar government is making many claims to improve the health system. Other schemes including Mission 60 and Mission Quality are being run by the Health Minister cum Deputy Chief Minister. Despite this, Jamui’s health system is derailed. By the way, Sadar Hospital often remains in discussion for the absence of doctors and arbitrariness of health workers. But this time something amazing happened here. The health workers of the hospital crossed the limits of negligence. A patient injured in an accident was given a cold drink bottle instead of a urine bag. Actually, an unknown person injured after falling from the train was admitted to Sadar Hospital for treatment by Jhajha Railway Police. During treatment, the doctor instructed the personnel to apply urine bag to the patient, but urine bag was not available.

Jugaad was fought here too

Due to non-availability of urine bags in the emergency ward, the health workers improvised and put an empty bottle of cold drink in place of the urine bag to the patient. When the stock of medicines including urine bag was sent to the emergency room by the hospital manager, then the patient was given urine bag and other medicines. Now it has been discussed in the hospital that when there was a urine bag in the hospital, then why didn’t it reach the emergency room on time or why didn’t any personnel from the emergency ward go to collect it? At the moment, there was a stir in the hospital after this negligence was found out.

Says hospital manager

In this regard, hospital manager Ramesh Kumar Pandey told that as soon as this information was received on Tuesday morning, the cold drink bottle was immediately removed by sending the urine bag to the emergency room. Along with this, other essential medicines have been sent to the emergency room. Accepting the negligence of health workers, he said that action will be taken after investigation. It was told by the manager that all types of medicines are available in sufficient quantity in Sadar Hospital.