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Lived in the affair of drinking beer! The father handed over the command of the plane to the son

A shocking case has come to light in Brazil. While drinking beer in the plane, a man handed over the command of the plane to his 11-year-old son. Later this plane crashed and both father and son died. The mother could not bear this shock and ended her life as well. This painful incident is being discussed a lot on social media. A video of this is also becoming increasingly viral (Brazil Plane Crash Viral video).

Father kept drinking beer, son kept flying the plane

This incident is being told of July 29, 2023. According to media reports, 42-year-old pilot Garon Maia had a private plane. It crashed in a wooded area between the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso. The cost of this aircraft was 1.2 million dollars i.e. around 9.9 crore rupees. It was a twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58. Garon was flying in the plane with his 11-year-old son, Francisco Maia. That’s why both of them lost their lives due to their negligence. Two days after the last rites of both of them were performed, wife Ana Pridonic also committed suicide.

Shocking video went viral

The video going viral on social media has been made by Pilot Garon himself. In this video, he can be seen drinking beer. He is instructing his son to fly the plane and control it. In the video, Garon is seen saying, ‘Wait, everything is ready, nothing is fine in front. Come on, 600 horses, you can pull 600 kicks, son, come on.’ Garon continues in the video, ‘Hand on the lever, hand on the lever, put your hand there and see the speed.’ Saying this, he opens a beer and asks Yes, the passenger can take one, isn’t it Kiko.’

Garon wanted to move his son

According to media reports, Garron took off from a family farm in the city of Rondônia in Nova Conquista and stopped at Vilhena airport to refuel. They wanted to send the son to his mother in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.