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Loneliness was haunting even after having a dozen children! Man did second marriage at the age of 95, son found bride

Although many cases often come to the fore regarding marriage, but the age gap is the most discussed matter in all these matters. You must have often seen many such cases in which an older person marries a younger partner. But the person whose story we are going to tell you today, along with his age, many other things are surprising. This is the story of 95-year-old Muhammad Zakaria, a resident of Mansehra, Pakistan, who has married for the second time. You will be surprised to know that Zakaria has 10 sons and daughters, 34 grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom were also present in the marriage. At the same time, this marriage in Pakistan remains a topic of discussion on social media.

First wife died in 2011

Mohammad Zakaria of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra in Pakistan is very happy with his second marriage, not only family and close people were also present in his marriage, people have also congratulated him for getting married again. Zakaria lost his first wife in the year 2011. Zakaria is associated with agriculture and is a successful businessman dealing in seeds. He has seven sons, five daughters, and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren from his first marriage. Despite this, he felt lonely for many years after his wife’s death. Many years ago, when Mohammad Zakaria expressed his desire for second marriage to his children, he did not agree to this and his children were opposing it. But the desire for a second marriage remained in Zakaria’s heart.

Younger son found bride

Finally, after 95 years, this desire of Zakaria has been fulfilled, his youngest son has understood his father’s desire for a companion that he needed a companion. After this the work of finding a suitable bride for him began. Like Mohammad Zakaria, his bride is also a widow. The joy of marriage of an elderly couple was celebrated in a hall of Mansehra.

Got different reactions

Meanwhile, as soon as he signed the marriage certificate, the people present around clapped a lot. By the way, the shining smile on his face was the proof of the new happiness in his life. At the same time, on social media, people are giving their reactions fiercely regarding this marriage. During this, someone is supporting this marriage, while many people are making fun of the marriage of this 95-year-old man.