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How can ‘Sanatan Dharma’ controversy create problems for INDIA? BJP trying to capitalize on the issue…!

Udhayanidhi Stalin is a leader of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam i.e. DMK. He is a minister in the government of Tamil Nadu. However, Udhayanidhi’s biggest introduction is that he is the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin’s son. A few days ago, he gave such a statement regarding ‘Sanatan’ which has created an uproar till date. It is possible that the uproar would have subsided gradually, but then his own party leader and former Union Minister A. Raja’s statement added fuel to the fire. The series of attacks and counterattacks that followed is still going on.

What did Stalin and the king say?

Udhayanidhi Stalin had said in one of his addresses that ‘Sanatan Dharma’ had been compared with Corona virus, malaria and dengue fever and had said that such things should not be opposed, but should be completely eliminated. DMK MP A. Raja said that Sanatan Dharma is a social disease and it is more deadly than leprosy and HIV. After this, Congress leader and Karnataka government minister Priyank Kharge had also indirectly supported Udhayanidhi’s statement. At the same time, Congress initially adopted a neutral stance on this issue but as the uproar increased, it issued a statement.

What did Congress say in its statement?

Congress had said on Udhayanidhi’s statement that every political party has the freedom to express its views, but it believes in the ideology of equality of all religions. Congress organization general secretary KC Venugopal had said, ‘Our stand is clear. Equality of all religions is the ideology of Congress. But you have to understand that every political party has the freedom to express its views. We respect everyone’s faith.’ Congress also gave this statement when BJP leaders questioned the party’s silence and termed it anti-Hindu.

Congress will suffer loss due to controversy!

Experts believe that if this dispute escalates, Congress as well as INDIA This may cause trouble for the alliance. Assembly elections are to be held in states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in the next few months. The main competition of Congress in these states is with BJP. Both these states are dominated by the Hindu population following Sanatan Dharma. If BJP is successful in conveying this message to the voters here that INDIA The country’s oldest party may be in trouble, depending on what path the Congress allies present in the country take towards Sanatan Dharma.

INDIA. There may be differences in

Udhayanidhi, Priyank Kharge and A. King’s statement to INDIA Can also cause disunity in alliance. Parties like Shiv Sena (UBT), whose base is the Hindu vote bank, cannot under any circumstances afford for its allies to speak ill of Sanatan Dharma. At the same time, the parties of North India also cannot take the risk of angering Hindu voters. Perhaps under the pressure of these parties, DMK leader Udhayanidhi had issued a clarification regarding his statement. However, if this issue moves forward, DMK may be asked to further clarify its stand on this.

DMK may also suffer loss

This ongoing controversy regarding Sanatan Dharma can also harm DMK. Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai has launched a scathing attack on DMK leaders regarding this. The support that Annamalai’s journey is receiving in Tamil Nadu in the last few days is shocking. Seeing Annamalai’s confidence, it seems that BJP can further strengthen its base in this South Indian state in the coming elections. DMK, based on Periyar’s ideas, may not suffer much immediate loss, but it may have to face huge losses in the long run.

BJP trying to capitalize on the issue

Bharatiya Janata Party is trying to fully capitalize on this issue. This is the reason why after Udhayanidhi’s statement came out, BJP leaders are continuously trying to corner the opposition alliance on this issue. BJP knows that if it succeeds in cornering Congress and other opposition parties on this issue, then better opportunities will arise for it in the coming elections. Experts say that the continuous rhetoric from the opposition is continuously pushing BJP forward in its objective.