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Bharat Mandapam filled with water due to rain in Delhi, Congress says development is floating

There has been heavy rain during the G20 summit being held in New Delhi, due to which difficulties have increased at the venue. Pictures of the Bharat Mandapam built to host the G20 members are going viral on social media, in which water is seen all around. Congress has targeted the Modi government regarding this.

Sharing the video of Bharat Mandapam filled with water on social media platform Vikas is swimming…’

Congress said- open door to development

The same video has also been shared by Congress’s official media platform INC-TV on X. It was written here – Hollow development exposed. Bharat Mandapam was prepared for G20. Rs 2,700 crore were invested. The water went away in a rain.

At the same Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hosted leaders of more than 30 countries and organizations including US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Australian PM Anthony Albanese.

History created in Bharat Mandapam

History was created at the Bharat Mandapam on the first day of the G20 summit. The African Union also formally entered the group under the chairmanship of India. Along with this the New Delhi Manifesto was adopted. Its biggest achievement was to get all the leaders to agree on a joint statement on the sensitive issue of Russia-Ukraine. India has proven itself as a leading voice of the Global South on this platform by generating consensus on more than 100 issues.