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Uttarakhand: Open challenge to Kainthola’s Harish Rawat, said – If you have courage, issue a white paper on the works of your government.

BJP state spokesperson Bipin Kainthola slammed Harish Rawat for his fasting program and said that he should fast and repent for the anti-people decisions taken by his Congress government.
Kaithola alleged that when the Uttarakhand Road Side Land Amendment Act was passed on January 27, 2014 during the Congress government, then why did Harish Rawat and hypocritical Congress leaders not open their mouths, I don’t know where their conscience was wandering at that time. Raising questions, he said, when his party’s government took this anti-people decision, then dharna expert Rawat neither staged any dharna nor fasted. Not only this, even after becoming the Chief Minister, he did not take any decision regarding this Act. He taunted that today Harish is resorting to light politics for cheap popularity.

Giving an open challenge, Kainthola said, if Harda has clear intentions and moral courage on this issue, then he should tell what welfare and upliftment work he did for the welfare of the poor, Lion Order or other works during his tenure as Chief Minister. He said, the state has also seen the period of his government in which fear and corruption were at its peak in the state. The morale of the mafia was so high that firing took place outside the jail and Rawat would just sit intoxicated among his sycophants. But alas, by hiding all such misdeeds, they are shamelessly playing political drama. Kainthola stressed that if Rawat has even a little morality left, he should apologize to the people of Uttarakhand.