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Ritesh Deshmukh made the child sit in a milk container, shared a funny video

There is no dearth of jugaad people in our country. Whenever there is a need, every Indian finds some solution to do his work. If it is hot, some people make coolers and ACs from home-made Jugaad, while some people fit the same AC in two rooms using Jugaad. Various types of funny videos related to such jugaad often go viral on social media. Nowadays, one such video is going viral, seeing which even Bollywood actors could not stop themselves from sharing it on social media.

Actually, a father makes his little son sit inside a milk container and takes a bike and sets out on the road. The child also seems to be enjoying his fun journey a lot. This funny video has been shared by Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh on his Twitter handle. In the video you can see how the milkman has tied a milk container to the side of the bike and put his small child in the same container and happily set out on the road. You might have rarely seen such a funny sight before.

While sharing this funny video, Ritesh Deshmukh has written in the caption, ‘Jugaadu Baap’. This video of just 15 seconds has been viewed 1 million times so far, while more than 25 thousand people have liked the video and given various types of reactions.

One user has written, ‘What an idea’, while another user has written, ‘Anything can happen in India’. Similarly, another user has written, ‘The child must be thinking ‘My circumstances are such that I cannot do anything”, while one has written that ‘This jugaad is very wonderful, but there is danger in it also.