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Not only dog but also the bite of these animals can cause rabies disease.

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? If yes, then people must have advised you to get the injection within 24 hours. In fact, if injection is not given after a dog bite, then rabies infection starts spreading. Rabies infection can even kill a person. But do you know that dog bite alone does not cause rabies disease. Apart from dogs, there are many mammalian animals whose bite can cause rabies infection. Come, in this article the bite of which animals can cause rabies disease-

Which animal bites cause rabies infection?

According to the CDC, rabies infection can occur from any mammalian animal. Rabies is spread only by mammals. Rabies is not caused by birds, snakes or fish, because these are not mammals. Rabies infection through bat, cat or fox etc. is very common. Let us tell you that rabies is most prevalent in raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes.

  • Bat
    Rabies occurs in bats. Rabies infection can spread to humans through the bite or scratch of a bat. Many times people ignore the scratches of bats, but it can cause serious harm to you. In such a situation, if bats ever scratch you, then definitely get an injection in this situation.
  • Cat
    Like bats, cats also have rabies. If a cat bites a person, rabies infection can spread to him. Sometimes a cat can get rabies due to the bite of an animal. In such a situation, when a cat bites a person, this infection can also spread to the person. In such a situation, you must get rabies injection in case of cat bite.
  • Fox
    Fox bite can also cause rabies infection. If you are ever bitten or scratched by a fox, you must get rabies injection.
  • Monkey
    Rabies infection can also spread through monkey bites. A monkey’s scratch or bite can cause rabies. If you ever get bitten or scratched, get rabies injection done. Otherwise, you could get a rabies injection and have serious problems.

Which animal bites cause rabies?

Till now, in most of the cases you might have heard about the spread of rabies due to dog bites. However, it is not so. There are many other animals whose bite, scratch or even coming in contact with them can cause rabies. In simple words, if any dog, cat, monkey, mongoose, fox, jackal or squirrel, rat or rabbit is suffering from rabies, then you should maintain distance from these animals. Because if they bite or scratch you then you can become a victim of rabies.