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Uttarakhand: Ayushman Seva Pakhwada started in the state, benefits of free testing and making Aura ID will be available – Health Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat

Ayushman Seva Pakhwada has started in the state on the birth anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The information of which was given by the State Medical Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat. Under which free testing will be done at health and wellness centers and community health centers across the state. Health Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat informed that Ayushman Seva Pakhwada will be operated across the state from 17 September 2023 to 02 October 2023. During the fortnight, non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, cervical cancer, TB will be treated in the medical units of the state. Free investigation will be done, etc.

Besides, Ayushman Card and Abha ID are also being made for eligible family members. 10 blood donation camps will also be organized in each assembly during the fortnight. The effort of the Health Department is to ensure that people above 18 years of age register themselves in the e-Raktakosh and achieve the target of registration of 2 lakh people.

To promote the noble cause like organ donation and help the needy, the work of registering donors in Organ Donation Registration will also be done.

In this fortnight started in Uttarakhand, 107 camps have been organized on the first day under which 4739 donors have been registered. Out of which a total of 1767 donors have donated blood on the very first day. At present, 14857 people have reached the Health and Wellness Center for screening during the Ayushman Mela.

Asha sisters are going door to door to make the general public aware about screening at the Health and Wellness Centre. They will also be encouraged to screen for non-communicable diseases.

It was informed by Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat that Ayushman Seva Pakhwada is a comprehensive nationwide healthcare initiative of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare whose objective is to provide health services to every village and town of the country. Under which Ayushman fairs will be organized in health centers and community health centers in every village and panchayat. Pledge for organ donation will also be taken during Ayushman Gram Sabha.

The Health Minister informed that under Ayushman Seva Pakhwada, health fairs, health meetings etc. were organized at community health centers and health and wellness centers across the state. Under which registration and resolution was taken for blood donation in medical units.

NCD in health and wellness centres. Programs like screening high blood pressure, diabetes, oral cancer, breast cancer, Ayushman card, making Abha ID, yoga, telemedicine OPD, public awareness of all programs etc. are being conducted.

Health Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat told that on the first day of Ayushman Seva Fortnight, more than 5 thousand Abha numbers have been given and more than 11 thousand people were tested for hypertension, 10 thousand people were tested for diabetes, 9 thousand people were tested for TB. . And more than 1 thousand people have been provided the facility of teleconsultation through e-Sanjeevani.

Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat told that it is the effort of the government to provide all the health facilities to the people of the state in their home district. For this, all the medical units have been strengthened, high facilities and doctors have been deployed.