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Uttar Pradesh: Be careful with your children, here the balloon burst while inflating, stuck in the windpipe, seven year old innocent lost his life

No one had imagined even in their dreams that the balloon with which seven-year-old Anurag was entertaining himself would become the cause of his death. Class 1 student Anurag lost his life due to this balloon bursting and getting stuck in his windpipe. The incident took place late Saturday evening in Baheri village of Kamalpur. Pankaj Kharwar’s son Anurag was playing with inflating balloons after coming home from school. Meanwhile the balloon burst. Angered by this, Anurag started chewing the burst balloon.

Piece of balloon stuck in windpipe

A piece of the balloon got stuck in his windpipe and after a few moments Anurag started writhing. The relatives immediately took him to the hospital in Kamalpur, where the doctors referred him to the district hospital. Doctors at the district hospital declared him dead.

Anurag studied in class one in Adarsh Public School of the village. Pediatrician Dr. Manish Dayal says that the piece of balloon got stuck in the child’s windpipe, due to which he died.

If the balloon enters the stomach after chewing and swallowing, there is no possibility of death, but if the child inhales while chewing, a piece of the balloon can reach his windpipe and block it, which can lead to death. -Dr. SK Chaturvedi, Medical Incharge, Government Women’s Hospital, PDDU Nagar.